Artificial Intelligence In Asset Management– Beyond The Hype

Top 10 Asset Management Solution Companies in Europe - 2021

In the digital age, businesses are having to manage and track more assets than ever before. Credits to a capricious investment environment with changing consumer behaviour, interconnected trends and transformations in social demographics are fuelling the need for asset-intensive models. Keeping that in mind, companies are replacing their underutilised, mismanaged, or misplaced assets with robust asset management software that improves the visibility of their assets, ensures optimum utilisation, and reduces IT and software costs. From cloud computing and business intelligence to social media technologies, companies are heavily investing in futuristic asset management solutions to improve their “profitability” equation. Leaders are also keen in leveraging mobility, data analytics, and automation for improved operations to get a holistic view of an asset's lifecycle—from its procurement and implementation through its renewal and disposal.

With that being said, choosing the asset management solution provider can be a task. To help leaders navigate through the list of asset management solutions, our panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, VCs, industry analysts, and the editorial board of CIOReview Europe has narrowed down the top players in this landscape that exhibit competence in delivering asset management innovations. Equipped with innovative technological capabilities, these enlisted firms are transforming the asset management paradigm at the cloverleaf of various disruptive technologies. Besides, the magazine comprises insights from subject-matter experts, CIOs, and CXOs in the asset management sector on the latest industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and highlights their expertise. We hope this issue of CIOReview Europe helps you build the partnership you and your organisation need to build a society driven by robust and efficient technology.

We present to you CIOReview Europe’s “Top 10 Asset Management Solution Companies - 2021.”

    Top Asset Management Solution Companies in Europe

  • At its core, Bynder provides tailored solutions to fit the needs of each and every brand. The company leverages a centralized platform to manage and distribute digital content seamlessly. Its Digital Asset Management (DAM) product creates a single source of truth for all the digital assets, and ensures maximum value. In essence, Bynder’s DAM streamlines the heart of the digital marketing ecosystem. It acts as the one-stop-shop for digital assets needs and helps in easy organization of files and folders. With an embedded intuitive filter structure that is tailored to extract clients’ business’ needs, DAM makes finding relevant records instantaneous

  • Camlin aims to bring intelligent solutions in fault and network management, cable health and real-time asset monitoring data to allow operators to optimise the performance, reliability and sustainability of their infrastructures. The company combines cutting-edge capabilities in advanced analytics with the vast experience of a multi-disciplinarian technical support team to transform data into actionable insights enabling customers to gain round-the-clock visibility and control over their current investments while creating new solutions to solve future challenges. Camlin's extensive range of solutions has been developed in partnership with its customers, delivering critical insights into asset health focusing on safety, reliability and quality for transformers, rotating machines and circuit breakers

  • Cloudinary understands the role played by rich media to bring in quality traffic to any website or application. To make it possible, the company leverages robust APIs, Widgets, and SDKs to create fast and personalized media experiences. Built from the ground up in 2012 by three high-tech veterans and experienced developers who continued to encounter the same set of tedious media management challenges, Cloudinary provides solutions that ensures a better way to upload, manage, and deliver tens of thousands to millions of images and videos, Cloudinary closely works with the technologies that are responsible for automating the fast, visual-rich websites and apps that would otherwise be a massive headache for company leaders. The company uses artificial intelligence (AI), automation, and advanced patent-pending image and video processing capabilities to make it easier for brands to deliver fast, flawless, and enriched visual experiences to consumers at scale

  • IPS stands at the forefront of software in terms of advanced and reliable functionality and technology, with speed to value through rapid deployment and integration and provides systems designed by electric power professionals for electric power professionals from the ground up. At the behest of its solution, IPS tracks the location of an asset and based on that determines what needs to be done with it. Be it the initial installation and commissioning, or the on-going inspections, testing, maintenance, and repairs, the company’s solution addresses it all. Through pre-defined parameter settings, IPS system gathers data either from monitoring systems or field functionalities to determine the health index or condition of the asset. As a next step, it schedules and executes what needs to be done to maximize the effectiveness, reliability, and lifetime of that particular piece of equipment

  • Kontainer is a leading digital asset management (DAM) system for enterprises to organise brand images, product data, logos, videos, graphics, PDFs, templates, and files in one place. With Kontainers’ intelligent tagging and advanced search, marketers can find the latest version of a file without spending unnecessary time looking for it.Kontainer combines the two most important functions for suppliers and resellers—DAM and product information management (PIM). Here, all product data, packshots, video, size guides, and images are gathered centrally in a system where data and assets can be easily managed, edited, and shared automatically to resellers, webshops, or B2B platforms via integrations or exports



    CELUM is a global leader in digital asset management (DAM) and content collaboration software, empowering brands to deliver engaging product experiences across all digital touchpoints and at any point in the customer journey. With CELUM, marketing teams create, manage and route a vast volume of product content for any audience and channel. The CELUM Cloud platform covers the entire content lifecycle and combines digital asset management with agile collaboration, workflows & automation, online proofing, and file sync & share

  • FotoWare


    FotoWare has built one of the most efficient and productive solutions found on the market today for finding, processing and sharing videos, photos, graphics, audio, presentations, and documents. The solution is praised among users for the user experience and functionality, and the modular system is very cost efficient for both small and large companies and is available as-a-Service, for private-cloud, hybrid or on-premise deployments



    GISGRO is a smart and easy-to-use online platform for infrastructure and operations management. With GISGRO infrastructure owners, managers or maintenance staff can easily access and log information such as repair work, technical maintenance or operational data in an easy to understand visual format. GISGRO digitalizes physical structures and enables efficient management of infrastructure for anyone, at any time and remotely from any place. Infrastructure management has never been this smooth

  • immopac


    Since 2000, immopac has been passionately driving innovation in the development of software solutions for real estate management and valuation. The company created the immopac® Cloud which is based on state-of-the-art technology and integrates the services of immopac® red, its best-in-class real estate software, with the innovative data room and collaboration platform

  • Snow Software

    Snow Software

    Snow Software is changing the way organizations understand and manage their technology consumption. The company's technology intelligence platform provides comprehensive visibility and contextual insight across software, SaaS, hardware and cloud. With Snow, IT leaders can effectively optimize resources, enhance performance and enable operational agility in a hybrid world

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